Why buy a Used Sybian when you can own a New Jetaime?

Jetaime Masturbation Machine with non vibrating dong ans straps for Eroscillator 

"Je t'aime" is pronounced "zhuh tehm".  It is French for "I love you."

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Do you really want your lady to sit on a used sex machine?  Yuk.  Strange smells, germs, stains, diseases.  No warranty.  There was a reason that Sybian is for sale.  Do you want to be the second dissatisfied owner?  Please consider a NEW Jetaime before you waste your money on a used Sybian. 



In 1997, a new machine was invented.  The Jetaime was designed by a husband for his wife.  They had bought a Sybian and she was not satisfied by it.  She did not like the wobble motion and they did not want their kids to hear the vibrator portion.  After the Jetaime prototype was tested side by side with the Sybian, she never rode the Sybian again.   Six months later, he decided to build a machine for the market.  The first step was to obtain a US Patent. 


                    The Prototype                                           Jetaime 1               



                             Jetaime 2                                            Jetaime 3

The design emphasis was on correcting the problems encountered with the Sybian.  A search of the patent office for other ideas soon revealed that no one had patented Jetaime's design.  The original machine was built from common parts available in the local hardware stores.  The Model 1 had a loud motor and 2 inch thick, expensive, custom hand sewn "motorcycle style" seats.  The Model 2 had a very quiet motor, a remote control box, and  seats with 1 inch thick foam.   The current Model 3 has a stainless steel action arm and all the moving parts are connected by self lubricating bearings.  We still experiment with new ideas, but the Model 3 is going to be hard to improve on.

It didn't take long before I quit my job and started making and selling Jetaime full time.  I received a US Patent in 2000 for the unique thrusting action of the machine and the screw-on design of the dildo holder.  I added the Eroscillator straps in 2002 for clitoral stimulation.  Jetaime is the world's only vibrating, thrusting, and stroking dildo masturbation machine.  Jetaime Masturbation Machines have been used by couples and by ladies without a partner since 1996 to achieve multiple orgasms.  You will find other machines on the web that only stroke, or vibrate, or rotate.  They are less expensive but don't work as well.  Most of those machines were made to produce movies and are not comfortable or easy to use.  Many are loud.  Some are even dangerous.  Come inside to read a comparison of all machines and their prices.

Jetaime now has a Jack Off attachment.  You can attach a Fleshlight in place of the dildo for hands free male masturbation.  Jetaime's motor will push and pull the dildo or Fleshlight at any speed from 0 to 120 strokes per minute.  Also patented by the inventor was the dildo holder.  Any length dildo will fit Jetaime.  Any diameter dildo from 3/4 inch to 2.5 inches can be made to fit the machine.  Vac-U-Loc dildos with balls can be attached to Jetaime.  Over 100 dildos are known to fit Jetaime.

Jetaime is very versatile.  It is a fucking machines for women.  It can be used for anal sex women.  Men enjoy prostate massages any time they want.  It was as a jack off machine for men.   

Jetaime Fucking Machines 


Jetaime Masturbation Machine with Eroscillator clit stimulator and vibrating dildo.

Jetaime Fucking Machines with standard vibrating dildo and optional Eroscillator ball stimulator.


Jetaime Masturbation Machine with non vibrating dong ans straps for Eroscillator

Jetaime Fucking Machines with optional 9 inch dong.

We can cut it shorter for the faint hearted.

We have thinner dildos for smooth anal penetration.

The patented dildo holder allows you to use  dildos you already have.

We can make dildo holders from 1 inch to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Tired of masturbating by hand?

Jetaime Masturbation Machine with Fleshlight male masturbation attachment

Jetaime Masturbation Machines with optional Fleshlight male Masturbator.

Let Jetaime do the masturbating while you dream about her or him.


Fleshlight with Jetaime Masturbation Machine adaptor

Fleshlight mounted in our jackoff adaptor.


Jetaime masturbation machine with Fleshlight jack off toy

Fleshlight's realistic pussy shape feels great.

Fleshlight is also available in anal and oral shapes.

Jetaime vibrates and strokes you to multiple orgasms!

No other masturbating machine does both.

Cum cleans up easily.

Safe, Powerful, Comfortable, and very Quiet !

Jetaime is pronounced "zhuh tehm"      French for "I love you."

Jetaime Fucking Machines 

Guys, why should your wife, have all the fun?

You can use the same machine for your own pleasure.

We can make holders for dildos from 3/4 inch to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Jetaime will stroke your dic.  Just add a Fleshlight adaptor an get an automatic handjob.

Fucking machines that look great in movies are not much fun.  Remember, people are paid to get into awkward positions, have fake orgasms, and show their ass holes.  Jetaime offers you a great view of the sex action, while giving him a comfortable padded seat.  Sex machines must be safe.  Fucking machines must be quiet to prevent the your kids and neighbors from hearing it!

Don't be fooled into buying inferior or dangerous fucking machines.  If it looks like a tool box or brief case, it does not belong in the bedroom.   Anything that is not padded, has sharp corners or exposed moving parts is dangerous!   Fucking machines who's dildo moves in a fixed direction are difficult to ride.

Some of the competition make their fucking / masturbation machines with used windshield wiper motors.  Other fucking machines are awkward to use, loud, uncomfortable, crudely made, require a second person to operate the controls, or only use their special and expensive dildos.

Any fucking machines without a seat will be uncomfortable.  If it requires a man to squat or kneel unsupported, it will be uncomfortable.  If you have to supply the motion to the dildo with your hips, you might as well use a hand held dildo and save the money.  If the dildo is mounted on the end of a rod that only moves in & out of a box or frame in a fixed direction, you will have to remain aligned with the dildo & rod.  You will be unable to move your hips during orgasms.  About 95% of all fucking machines on the market have one or more of these flaws.


Beware of fucking machines that have no return policy or warranty their machines for less than a year.  If they don't trust their fucking machines to last a year, you shouldn't either.  Most manufacturers have NO warranty at all and refuse to accept returns!  Don't get burned buying expensive junk that the manufacturers know won't last.

Jetaime has a 3 year, parts and labor warranty, and a 15-day no-questions asked return policy.

There are fucking machines less expensive than Jetaime.  You will get what you pay for....a cheaply built fucking machines that does not perform well and will not last.  Read their warranty and return policy carefully.

Jetaime is quietest, strongest, most comfortable, and most realistic fucking masturbation sex machines on the market.  Jetaime's unique features have earned it a US Patent.


Jetaime are the world's best masturbation machines.

  Jetaime is best described as a masturbation machines or a orgasm machines or a sex machines.  Jetaime are the world's only vibrating, thrusting, and fucking dildo masturbation machines.  Jetaime Masturbation Machines have been used by couples, and by ladies or men without a partner since 1996 to achieve multiple orgasms.  You will find other fucking masturbation machines on the web that only stroke, or vibrate, or rotate.

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Jetaime Fucking Machines 


Jetaime Features


What is a Sybian and what does it do?

Sybian was invented by a man with the help of a machine shop and engineers.  It took several years and numerous modifications to arrive at a marketable design.  Sybian is a 37 pound vibrator that lists for $1315.00  It is very loud when turned to its highest speed.  It causes intense, some say, painful orgasms for women.  There are no reports of men using the machine for anal penetration.  Sybian contains two motors and separate controls for each.  One motor rotates a dildo in a wobbling action.  The rotation is similar to the amount of motion that you have in you thumb when making the hitch-hiking sign with your thumb and fist.  It does not make the dildo go in and out, just wobbles around inside the vagina.  The second motor powers a mechanism that vibrates the platform that the dildo is attached to.  It also vibrates the entire frame of the machine and the floor, and the walls, and the ceiling of the apartment below you.  When Sybian is turned on high, it can be heard in the next apartment.

Sybian has a 1/2 inch of foam padding between you and the hard plastic shell of the machine.  The cover is standard vinyl material.

For $250 extra, you can buy all 7 dildos that fit the Sybian.  Only these seven proprietary toys will fit the Sybian, no others.  The largest is 7 inches long and 2.2 inches in diameter.  The smallest is just a flat ribbed pad for vibrating the outside lips without penetration.

Sybian has been on the market for over 15 years.  Early in its history, it was featured in Penthouse magazine.  Recently it has been used on the Howard Stern Show.  Many DVD's have been made with the machine.  This is curious since all the action is internal.  Most of the time, because of the camera's frame rate it can not record the vibrations of the base of the dildo, all that is seen is a woman sitting on the machine.  You can not see the dildo vibrating or wobbling.  Of course, all women in the videos have screaming orgasms.  Some appear faked, but most are real.  Many of the women look to be in pain when the machine is turned to high.  Sybian does not give a realistic in & out motion to the dildo.  Many times, the woman is observed humping up and down on the Sybian dildo in an attempt to get the trusting motion that they really want.  Every time they raise up off the machine, they loose the vibration and wobble motion supplied by the Sybian.  Even though the actresses are being paid to use the Sybian, they are trying to get the natural fucking motion that the Sybian does not provide.